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ITIL 2011, an EA of an IT Service Center ?

With ITIL 2011, do you think that ITIL has turned into an Enterprise Architecture of a [IT] service center ? 

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Note :
ITIL 2011 refers to a set of five books authored by Cabinet Office (UK) and published by The Stationery Office (UK). The books were released in July 29. 2011. ITIL® is a registered trade mark of the Cabinet Office.

As Mark recalls the five books of ITIL, it seems that it neatly covers the business processes of an IT service center.

From a French 8 years old perspective (ITSMF France was created in 2003), ITIL was implemented for IT service production with "Service Delivery" and "Service Support", then there was the 2005 reengineering of ITIL into five books.

In 2011, with the "business relationship mgt" and "demand mgt", ITIL is ready to extend to truely cover all the operations of an IT service center.

What should be add to ITIL 2011 to be an EA of an IT service center ? 

yes i think ITIL is a good knowledge asset to build a Service Center.
If ITIL's authors (eg Cabinet Office UK) aim to the next level for the next version, that is a "value center" or a "profit center", i would expect that "Strategy Management for IT Services" and "Financial Management for IT Services" should be revised. 

Seen from France :
  • 1996 : tranformation of Andersen Consulting into Accenture
  • 2003 : creation of ITSMF France and awareness of "Best Practices"
  • 2005 : ISO/IEC 20000
  • 2006 : release of several books on ITIL V2 authored by independant authors and published by independant publishers
  • 2007: ITIL V3
  • 2009 : release of ITIL V3 update plan and announce of a release date "early 2011"
  • July 2011 : release of ITIL Edition 2011 "products" (eg "on time")

Would you think that ISO can compete heads on with Office Government of Commerce (UK) ?

 There are also some work under progress on Enterprise Architecture at some universities or institutes but not as popular as CMMI authored by Carnegie Mellon University.

Here is an initiative from France

thank you for this reminder. It has been quite a while since i have been visited CISR site.

I am an admirer of P. Weill's work who has felt that IT governance should take inspiration from political sciences by identifying his Six governance Archetypes (" IT Governance on One Page, 2002).
What i was unable to figure out is why he has not used the word "regime"...

I shook hands with J. Ross in 2009 on her visit at Paris for a scientific conference and she was kind enough to autograph her book "Enterprise Architecture as Strategy".

Do you have connections with them ?

according to your profile you have been in the field longer than i have and we both have our valuable experience.
The difference, if any, might be in doing on going research...which is today much easy with the new version of Google (Panda), provided that the information is freely accessible throught the net.

You are really happy to be able to fund some studying @Capella. Let's us know what your thesis is.  

Cobit is one the three thought leadership mentionned by Wikipedia, the two others being ISO 38500 and Pr Weill's approach [1]

The three are proposing different approaches which complement each other.

Pr Weill's approach with his IT Governance "archetypes" (what i call from a French culture viewpoint "regime") is to my opinion not addressed neither by Cobit [ITGI] nor ISO 38500.

[1] I should say ITGI instead of Cobit (Board Briefing on IT Governance 2nd Edition, ITGI, 2003).
Besides, The article has changed since : ITGI has been replaced by Pr. Van Grembergen and De Haes (2009).

Pr. Van Grembergen is likely to give some consulting services to ISACA.
just google : Van Grembergen ISACA 


For info,
On "IT governance", "wikipedia en" has changed the entry label into "Corporate governance of information technology" 

i would be with you with your statement but for V3 and this was recognized as early as 2009 when OGC (or mandates) communicated the plan for update.

With 2011 Edition, i am uncertain whether ITIL can not be of some help to define IT strategy (or broader Service Strategy) 

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ITIL 2011 : désalignement entre ITSMF France et Cabinet Office ?

Journal du Net 29/11/2011
Vincent Douhairie (itSMF France) : "ITIL 2011 représente une évolution dans la continuité"
Accès à l'article et au commentaire

Un point de vue intéressant mais qui s'écarte notablement du discours de l'auteur des ouvrages ITIL 2011 "Cabinet Office" UK qui met en avant quatre nouveaux processus dont "Business Relationship Management", "Demand Management" dans "ITIL Service Strategy" et "Design Coordination" dans "ITIL Service Design".

cf : "ITIL 2011 Summary of Updates" Cabinet Office Crown Copyright

Nous pensons plutôt que l'auteur d'ITIL amorce une évolution doctrinale notable en faisant émerger explicitement les relations entre parties prenantes alors que jusqu'à présent les processus étaient déterminants pour les performances de la production informatique.
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